Leaf Protection Services in Huntington, WV

Leaf Protection Can Help Your Gutters Function

Do leaves, sticks, and other debris constantly clog your gutters? Are you calling roofers for gutter maintenance on a regular basis? If so, it may be time to invest in leaf protection to help your gutters function properly. Secure Construction provides a complete range of gutter covers, screens, and leaf protection. We can easily customize a gutter protection system that fits your home. Secure Construction offers leaf protection for those in Huntington, West Virginia; Ashland, Kentucky; Ironton, Ohio; and the surrounding areas.

Secure Construction Can Help With Your Clogs & Cleaning Hassles

With gutter protection, there is no need to worry about clogs or the hassles of cleaning. Your gutters will function properly and drain rainwater much better as a result of being clean. Protecting your gutters more than pays for itself, as you will get to eliminate costly gutter cleanings and roofer fees and minimize the need for home repairs due to water damage.

Offering Free Gutter Estimates

Our staff at Secure Construction are trained professionals with experience who are up to the task. No matter the size of your home or gutters, we will design and install a gutter protection system that works. For more information or to schedule an estimate, call Secure Construction today at (304) 733-1760 or message us online.

Why Should You Protect Your Gutters?

A gutter shield protects more than just your gutters. By preventing clogs and ice dams, it extends protection to the roof, walls, siding, foundation, and landscaping. Gutter protection services can protect your home! There are three types of gutter guards: mesh screens, perforated metal, and nose-forward solid gutter guard.

Mesh Screens

Mesh Screens range from simple plastic grids that screw into gutters, to more complex systems that use multiple screens. They usually cost less than other gutter protection products.

Perforated Metal

Perforated Metal guards fit under roof shingles and cover the gutter. This type of cover can keep out leaves.

Nose-Forward Solid Gutter Guard

Nose-Forward Solid Gutter Guard uses surface tension and gravity to keep water in and debris out. Water clings to the gutter guard’s nose and is channeled into the gutter, while debris falls right off the edge.